Our Coating

Wood Coatings

We stock an extensive range of wood finishes from Symphony. This encompasses everything from maintenance coatings to full factory finishes. Our product offering includes a full range of water-based finishes, oil-based finishes and much more.
Wood Stains

Woods natural character and charm sometimes benefit from colour enhancement. Our Harmony wood stain range enhances hard and soft wood's natural grain and appearance, providing resistance to UV light and safeguarding the longevity and stability of your colours. Client lab matching is offered as part of our support services.

Wood Lacquers

Protecting both interior and exterior joinery, furniture and flooring with specialist products from Renner and Sherwin Williams. Products are tinted, and lab matched to clients requirements along with a comprehensive range of standard colours and finishes.

Wood Oils

Osmo and Rubio Monocoat form the basis of our wood oil offering. They are effectively colouring and protecting both interior and exterior joinery, floors and furniture and enhancing the look of the wood, along with excellent protection, serviceability and long life.