Accoya wood is exceptionally stable and resistant to rotting, making it the perfect material for any outdoor application, not just windows, doors, cladding and decking.

Accoya wood is the material of choice for the construction of durable outdoor products which are built to last. Resistant to rotting, shrinking or swelling even in the harshest of climates, Accoya is low maintenance and high performance, saving time and money.


Thanks to its stability, Accoya offers huge versatility when it comes to long-lasting finishes. There is less stress on the finish and Accoya does not constantly shrink and swell in the changing climatic conditions like traditional timbers, thus making your coating last longer and reducing maintenance. Whether coated or left to weather naturally, Accoya complements any garden style.


Accoya is made using sustainably sourced FSC® timber, making it the environmentally friendly choice for any garden product. 100% recyclable and non-toxic, Accoya contains no biocides and boasts an enviably low carbon footprint.